Alpha Fuel XT

Dec 05, 14 Alpha Fuel XT

Alpha Fuel XT has been rocking the nation as the “go to supplement” for super athletes.  Most people are aware of the negative impact that steroids have had upon all sports including the professional players in  football, soccer, basketball, and biking just to name a few.  All these athletes are trying to get the edge without steroids and most of them are turning to the natural supplements are getting better results than they anticipated.

A professional review was done on Alpha Fuel XT to determine the effectiveness of this supplement.  Dr. Vanderloop, D.C. a chiropractor completed about three different videos that cover the effectiveness of the individual components of this muscle building supplement.

One of the components of this supplement is Eurycoma Longifolia E.  This supplement also goes by the name of Longjack root extract.  It is derived from a slender evergreen shrub that is commonly in Southeast Asia.  Malaysian men have reported that it helps them with their stamina and virility.

The second ingredient is nettle leaf extract which I believe is not as important regarding testosterone levels, but it does make a difference in inflammation of the body.  Most importantly, it is extremely important for dousing inflammation on the prostate.

One of the most interesting supplements that is in this supplement is Tribulus Terrestris.  This supplement is derived from a noxious weed here in the United States.  Who would have thought that we could actually put a weed to our benefit?

One of the studies was done on castrated rats.  The rats were castrated then feed the Tribulus Terrestris and the male rats actually behaved like a male rat that still had its testicles.  Some people believe that this doesn’t necessarily mean testosterone is being produced.  Well, the studies that followed show a definite marked increase in testosterone levels.

The study was now expanded to include not only rats, but primates and rabbits to see what impact they would have on non-castrated animals.  The testosterone did go up on all of the animals consistently.

The disturbing part of all of this is that quite a few men who think of themselves as “ weekend warriors “ and are going straight to the testosterone cream or gel and don’t realize the long term ramifications of using these gels.

Most doctors are prescribing extremely high doses of testosterone that are way above what most patients nee.  When a male patient starts to take the testosterone gel he initially feels great.  What the male patient is unaware of how much he is taking and what the body will do to counteract this high influx of testosterone.

The feedback mechanism goes to the brain and the now the brain tells the testes to stop production of testosterone.  If the male patient continues to take the high level of testosterone, he will eventually shut down his own production of testosterone permanently.  He will then have no choice, but to take testosterone for the rest of is life.

The other mechanism that the body uses to eliminate testosterone is to shunt it to estradiol and estrogen.  This is extremely bad for men and leads to a higher increase in strokes, heart attacks, and cancer just to name a couple of nasty side effects which really should be labeled as effects and not side effects.

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