Awww He sleeps like a baby… Matthew Martino shares nap pic

Jul 12, 14 Awww He sleeps like a baby… Matthew Martino shares nap pic

All Star Matthew C Martino plays hard man all day everyday and he is very much known for his frontier justice beliefs and his hard to please values he however showed the twitter-verse of his softer side for a few minutes as he shared a snap of himself napping which was pictured by a friend which he later deleted. The snap had the caption ‘nighty loveliess x MM’

The 21 year old star is currently enjoying all the sleep in the world after his rep demanded he took time off as ‘overworking’ and his explosive schedule was leaving the Film Producer/Author very upset and we are sure this caused most of his controversial behaviour earlier in the year.

Martino raised eyebrows when he initially threw an ‘f-word rant’ at a BAA employee at the First Class lounge at Heathrow Airport during the first week of January 2014 and it was later reported that this claim had been dropped, on the 28th of February a private jet Martino and friends had charted was held at pic 2Stansted Airport and searched by authorities before being allowed to carry on and his employee severance package clearly isn’t that good as an ex bodyguard to the star hit out at Martino claiming that he ‘He arranges Coupe d’état for a living’.

The Lets Fly author is hoping to put all this behind him when he returns to work as he is due to visit the US towards the end of July for an official business trip. The Zimbabwean born ‘Full-time Oligarch’ (According to his twitter) will be keeping a fairly low profile during his US Tour as he will head to Las Vegas for an old high school friends wedding before jetting back to Orlando for business where he will do two fleet inspections at two separate flight schools before heading to New York to discuss some expansions to his struggling aviation consultancy firm Lets Fly Academy which is due to open a retail arm in 2015.

Well until then, Go For It and keep napping Mr Martino. That nap face is really cute. Who agrees with us ? Contact Us with your own napping snaps 🙂

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