Best Online Action Games

Dec 02, 14 Best Online Action Games

Action games lover has often to face difficulties playing their favourite game due to cost of the download and installation hazards. But what if games can be played online even with no cost? This post is to let you know about some online games that can make you feel happy and excited. You don’t have to download and install a free online game, that’s why they are excellent.

If you are looking for an instant delight free online action games are for you. They are designed for quick thrill and to deliver extreme pleasure. There are hundreds of hot pieces of games out there to enjoy your day online. In fact you’ll get an excellent opportunity to play whole RPGs and explore some intricate works of interactive fiction made by the world class game developers. Go, find a brilliant online game and wage a space-war against your friend. Sounds interesting?

Most of the people consider gaming as an expensive hobby since the consoles cost hundreds bucks, and a gaming PC may go up to a grand. But you know it’s easily possible to stagger a substantial amount of hot games free-to-play online.

You may wonder that top gaming developers companies are now releasing online games. All of them are not free though, still it’s worth you to choose some best pieces from hundreds of free games.

League of Legends

Start right away and head towards your battle with the champs in this amazing free game from Dota. League of Legends is a superb game for multiplayer with its wonderful features like auto matchmaking, variations in characters, and outstanding map. It’s been popular online over last few years and still it’s worth playing. It’s such an amusing game that rewards tactful team though it’s quite an aggressive game. You’ll love this game after becoming the master of it but to do this you need time. League of Legends is very good attraction for high-end players.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

At the release this game was not free but it was made free since then. It adopted its free model to play online like other games of similar kind. You can still subscribe for the game to get more potential from it.  Story missions may take a bit longer time but they can be found without a sub. If you wonder to have experience from Star Wars with various perspectives then go for downloading it.  Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent and other hyper-professional features will be available there.

World of Tanks

This is a different kind of MMO as the clue being in its title. World of Tanks is for crazy game lovers who love to play with teamwork and multi-player setting. A wide range of war weapons may be enough to attract you to join the battle. If you want to play action game online this seems to be the best choice for you.

Some recent upgrades that add a sense of personalization may remind you that you can’t win the battle alone. Even not enough for you only to be surrounded by a whole army, you need to join them as a part of the body. Games like World of Tanks are really a big attraction for enthusiast gamers.


Yeah it’s super hot for shooters! A seven day competition is designed to make shooting interesting for the first person. Participants get a week to build eccentric, tentative, complicated, and super ideas without a theme to hamper them. This is a new kind of FPS that was created with completely new idea over the old cliché bullet time. I’ll tell you that playing SuperHot isn’t just about impulse or reaction; it’s about something precision and choreography. You’ll get amazed playing this beautiful, attractive, and brilliant game.

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