New Year, New Side Hustle: Pay Your Mortgage Bill in a Weekend

You’re inspired.  You’re ready to create value.  You’re ready to shake people to the core and change lives for the better.   Ready to lead a soulful revolution.  And to make a helluva lot of money while you’re at it.

But with so many self-proclaimed health and wellness “gurus” out there, how do you know which life coaching workshop platform will be legit?   I was in your same boat last year.  I had been burned by too many wellness experts selling me half-baked programs – so much so that I had almost sworn off wellness workshops as a side income-generation tool forever.  That is, until I found out that Danielle LaPorte had created an income generation opportunity with a brand new Licensing Program from her blockbuster book, The Desire Map.

Desire Map

The Desire Map book is what guided me through the shame and aimlessness of a broken engagement years ago, so I brought myself back to the table one more time to see if I could make a heft side income off of this licensing program.   I’ll share my learnings with you here in this desire map workshop license review so you can make an informed decision about your investment.

My questions were two-fold:

  • Can I make over $2,000 by doing this?  (SPOILER ALERT:  Yes – in fact I pre-sold almost $6,000 worth of revenue in just the first week alone – goodbye, car payments!)
  • Will workshop attendees feel that this is worth the cost?

Let’s look deeper into what becoming a Licensor means for me and you from my experience.


  • No more reinventing the wheel. Validated market for what you’ll be sharing during your workshops.  Danielle LaPorte’s writing has hit three Amazon bestseller lists, Forbes, and Huffington Post.  Simply put, thousands of people before you have said “yes” to their desires.  It will be easy for you to find 10-20 more.
  • Lucrative revenue structure. Each participant pays between $300-500 for the workshop you run with a maximum of 20 attendees.  At an average of $350/pp, that works out to $7,000 revenue for a one day workshop.  That doesn’t include the commissions you make on the purchase of related products through your personal affiliate links.  What other product can you sell that nets you that much in a day?
  • Live, dedicated support team. Danielle has hired staff that exist solely to make sure that your coaching business flourishes (and profits big time).  Think about it, your success breeds their success so this high level of personalized support makes perfect sense.
  • Fulfilling work. Licensors / Facilitators may very well be existing health and wellness coaches who wish to diversify their offerings, but I am hosting these Desire Map Workshops as side income to my Technology day job.  So far the response by yoga studios and chiropractors, as well as HR departments in corporations, has been overwhelming.  They want to partner with you and bring you into their place of business and help their clients thrive!
  • Online portal. Access your course materials 24/7/365 so you always carry your new side income stream with you – just add an internet connection.
  • Free publicity. You’ll be placed in a Facilitator Directory Listing so people in your area can seek you out proactively.  Who doesn’t want to be google-able for something like that?
  • It’s a business-in-a-box. Hit the ground running.  No certifications, no writing pages of content, no writing marketing materials, no additional investment beyond your license.  It’s all done for you.
  • Return on Investment (ROI). I made back my License investment and then added thousands on top of that before I even hosted my first workshop – the materials provided make pre-selling your workshops easy.


  • The resources they provide are vast and all-encompassing, but the download speeds are frustrating for some of the audio files.
  • There are no territory exclusives, so you have to carve out your niche for filling your workshop seats (partnering with other health and wellness businesses, corporations, or just blasting your own email list if you have one
  • Phase II TBD. We were just told that there will be a Phase II “Goals with a Soul” License available for anyone who becomes a Phase I licensor, however we do not have a date on that release.  If you want to up-sell your client attendees to attend a follow-up workshop with you, we’ll need to be on the lookout for that official 2015 launch date.

What it is…. And what it isn’t. (Video)

How much does it cost? 

$2,000 to become a Facilitator, or 4 payments of $500 as of the time of this writing.  Renewal fees are $1,000/year after year 1, cancelable anytime.

Don’t just take my word for it…


“I bought my License this morning and I already have 4 people who want to come to my first workshop in January. I’ve already made back the 1st installment I paid this morning, plus more!” – Sabrina Espinal



girl 1“As I am digging into the bonus materials, I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude. I can feel all of the work that has gone into what I am reading and had to stop to take a breath because it is truly more than I had hoped for. Wow. Standing ovation to Team D.” – Katie Burke



And the jury says…

All things considered, this new licensing program is a well thought out, supported, done-for-you workshop platform that have been making thousands of dollars for entrepreneurs around the word since last year.  For me, there was no better use of my time, talents, or treasure to achieve my financial and spiritual goals for the new year, and I hope you experience the same kind of soul-surging success I’ve already enjoyed.  And we’re just getting started.

Peace, love, and conscious profits,

Elizabeth from NY

Note:  This article is intended to provide my opinion and current knowledge of Danielle LaPorte, Inc. as an affiliate. Team Danielle has not reviewed or approved and of the content on this website.  These are my words and opinion only.



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Writing a Book Isn’t all about the Great American Novel Anymore!

Nov 04, 14 Writing a Book Isn’t all about the Great American Novel Anymore!

Give Yourself a Raise or Land the Perfect Job by Becoming a Published Author

Sound a little over the top and a bit out of the box? The best ideas sometimes do. However, if you are desperate or determined to build new clients or land an amazing job, give the idea of publishing a book some thought. “On average, in my experience my first-time published writers are increasing their incomes by at least 20% by becoming published authors in their fields,” says Publishing Coach Deborah S. Nelson, founder of Publishing SOLO, a business that specializes in assisting writers how to become published authors.

If you are intrigued and want to know how to publish your own book in order to build professional credibility, social currency, and to give yourself a raise, keep reading. In one of the major development of the 21st Century, digital publishing using print on demand technology makes it affordable and doable for the ordinary person to self-publish a book. If you are trying to land that high paying glamorous career position at the top of your industry, consider writing a book in your field of expertise! If you are a consultant, or running a small or even a large business, if you haven’t published a book in your field, what are you waiting for?

Writing and publishing a (physical) book isn’t just about coming up with the Great American Novel anymore! The benefit of digital publishing is that you can do everything right from your home computer. You may happily skip the time-consuming manuscript submission and rejection process of breaking into a traditional publishing company.

Since you already know your subject material, you will simply need to organize it and write it. .. Write one chapter at a time, as if you were explaining it to a client, friend, or worker. Make the credibility and authority of being a published author take you to the top! With this unique and genius approach you establish immediate repoire and trust with those who will retain your services or hire you, or buy your product. One photographer I know used one of the print on demand platforms to publish a 240-page full color book of her work to reach new heights of success. Even though she published only a few books not on the market for sale, she used the books in international meetings to instantly create the priceless impression she was a published photographer. Technically, she was. She has landed jobs and clients far surpassing the cost and the time invested in creating and publishing the book.

Learning how to publish a book can be a daunting, and the learning curve steep depending on your ability to write and to use the computer. With a good publishing coach or self-publishing course, the process of publishing a book can take as little as a month, and up to 6 months depending on how long, complex, and sophisticated your book project is. Do-it-yourself publishing may be controversial and complicated, but if you take the time to learn how to publish a book, you’ll definitely have a leg up on your competition—whatever it is!

Wirtten By Deborah s. Nelson

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Home based business Know How You Cannot Live Without

Oct 28, 14 Home based business Know How You Cannot Live Without

Opening your very own home based business can be among the scariest and most gratifying moments of your life. You are taking an extremely big threat you also have a lot to obtain when you are successful. This article consists of some tips to assist see to it you continue to be successful and enjoy your company.

In order to be successful in regards to having a home based business, it is very important that you prefer to do what you are doing. With that stated, it is a typical thing to pick a product or business that matches your interests. Like other thing, picking something you such as will certainly make you get the job done better.

If you are going to start a home based business you ought to just sell products you have an interest in. If you don’t like or believe in what you are offering then you will not encourage your customers to buy it either. If you don’t such as the item then do not sell it.

The advantage of starting your home based business is the international/global market that you can tap into. Business platforms already exist to obtain your item online and selling. Business like and Amazon are the Walmart’s of the internet. A little however high impact advantage are international parcel delivery when it pertains to selling products with your home based business. Profits can comes even small details that you can include in your earnings stream.

If you own an online house company, enabling a client to purchase you item in addition to an international parcel to Spain will certainly allow for a large portion of money into your total expense and advertising of that item. And with selling worldwide, you client base broadens considerably.

If you are ready to form your business, consider what legal steps you are needed to take. You will have to decide if you want to form your business as a sole proprietorship, collaboration or corporation. Your company will certainly require a license or license, in order to run. Depending upon the kind of company, you might need to get unique insurance. Seeing to it that you attend to all the legal issues, will certainly safeguard you and your clients from any legal misconception.

If you run an online business, get a post office box for your company “snail mail.” Posting your house address on the Internet isn’t always a good idea, however utilizing a P.O. box can help protect your home and personal privacy. It can likewise help your business to appear more expert and provides you a point of contact.

Have a look at complimentary company seminars near you. Free workshops hold a wealth of details, and can be an excellent many ways to network with other business owners. You will find out valuable information about running your small home based business and you will have the ability to bounce your concepts off of other business professionals.

You should constantly ensure your costs are competitive in order to source new customers. Look at the internet sites of competitors and guarantee that your prices are not just within range, however comparable for the quality and amount of item people get. You can then use this contrast to talk up your product virtually on your web site and marketing products.

There are hundreds of variables at play that trigger a certain company to be successful you can do numerous things to assist keep yourself in control. This article is simply the start of the information you will have to gather in order to continue enhancing the traffic of your home based business.

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How To Launch A Successful Home Business

Jul 07, 14 How To Launch A Successful Home Business

Working from home has many advantages, but you need to adopt efficient strategies if you want your home business to be successful. Read this article to learn more about home businesses.

You need a good business idea to get started. Keep in mind that some business ideas will not go well with working from home; do not launch a home business if you need heavy equipment or an office to meet your clients. Creating a home business is a good idea if you can do most of your work on the Internet and do not need a lot of room to store your products and equipment. Take the time to think about your business idea and find a concrete way to make it work as a home business. You might have to make some changes to your home, for instance by creating a workspace.

The main advantage of working from home is to save on your expenses. Do the math before you launch your home business and make sure working from home is actually more interesting. Compare the average rent of office space in your area with how much it would cost you to transform a room in a workspace. Keep in mind that working from home might not be a good option if you could attract customers by getting an office in a busy area or by opening a small store. Working from home could be a good option until you are ready to move out to an office building or get a store.

Find an efficient way to reach out to your audience. Most home business owners rely on the Internet to promote their products or services and stay in touch with their audience. You should invest in a good Internet connection, a web hosting plan and an 800 phone number so you can set up a website and talk to your customers on the phone. You could also develop a local marketing campaign by attending different events and setting up a space where you can meet with customers to demonstrate your products.
Set some goals for yourself and find a way to remain motivated. Working at home can be very distracting, especially if your family is going to be present most of the time. You need to keep strict business hours and focus on your work. Establish a to-do list of the tasks you need to get accomplished every day and keep in mind that the success of your home business will depend on how hard you work. Do not procrastinate or waste your time with tasks that will not yield any results. You should monitor your results by keeping track of how many sales you generate and how many customers you reach out to. If you find that your strategies are not efficient, you need to rethink your approach and perhaps consider renting an office space so you can focus on your work.

You should start making plans for your home business. If you need help, consider going to a business adviser.

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How to run a home business that is a success

Feb 11, 12 How to run a home business that is a success

If you’re like most people, you have always wanted to work at home. This can be a great thing for you if you like flexibility and you have a dream of being your own boss. That said, however, you have to do all you can in order to make your dream come true. You need to have the right information to be a success. Here are some effective home business tips that will help you.

Come up with a good business plan before you start. That means before you quit your job and take out loans you cannot pay, you need to really think about your prospects. You have to evaluate the competition, you need to examine whether you have the skills you need to make a quality product, and you need to know whether there are clients for what you’re selling. You need to know whether people can still help you out, or whether you will have to do everything alone. You need to know how much money you have to invest, before you invest a dime.

By knowing these things beforehand, you avoid wasting your time and your money. You may get in the middle of writing your business plan and discover that there is no one in your area who will buy your product–and feel happy that you didn’t spend thousands of dollars to find out.

Next, you have to find out what licenses, permits, and taxes you are responsible for. The cost may not be that much, but you have to be sure that you are legally able to do the business you want to do. You can avoid trouble in the long run.

You have to give yourself somewhere in your home to work. If you can help it, that place should not be your kitchen table. Try to give yourself separate space with adequate storage so that you can concentrate fully while you work.

Speaking of focusing, when you start a home business, you have to realize that this is a business. Even though the major perks of home businesses are playing by your own rules, you have to stay professional if you want to make any money. Treat your business like a business and give yourself set work hours and the space to do what you must do in order to do your work. Get a separate phone line so that you don’t take business calls on your home phone.

Learn to use the internet for marketing purposes. Everyone uses the internet, including you, so you need to learn how to attract clients and customers by using social media, blogging and search engine optimization. You will build your client base this way, and online marketing is usually much, much cheaper than the offline variety.

Many home businesses fail within the first year, and that is because some people are not sure what they’re getting into, and are not sure what they should be doing. Use the information in this article to give you a firm foundation that you can build a successful business on.

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