Dec 05, 14 Madhubala

It was RK Birthday today. So all of us ready to celebrated grandly and much happily to this function. Day started with Thrill Where RK reahed home with tension, fear, etc . But his Surprise for, all family members are waiting to wish him for his birthday. And they arranged pasanga party for tomorrows plan. So each and everyone planned to what we will do in this birthday party function, and what is the special events, special foods, special guests, etc they planning according to like this.

Then it’s time for gothanda raman (who acting like RK) he burning his photos and proof. Then Bushan reaches and advised changed to his mind. He compeled them also made tatto of name Madhu. So totally he brainwashed to him. He is also somewhat confused and ok for this.

Then madu and RK getting ready for the birthday Party. madhu bala made facial for RK after they discussed about the plan and they plan to give birth to a baby. Then she dressed him like a School Boy. She wear a red saree . so both are planned accordingly and give him a pleasant surprise. Also both believes this will made much happy to him, let us see this will happen or not.

Party started they were ready to celebrate. A magician comes and made some interesting magics bring deepa from a surprise. And entertained the whole crowd and finally magician hered the words and communication by mean while Bushan made trik as get up of singh and trained him a lot at the end off the magician called him to a magic Box. They are interestingly that much waiting so after that what happen. In this magic all are involved and very much interested to watch. Finally scene will end to this secession. Next session only all are know what will happen.

Madhubala Todays Episode started with RKs Magic He entered into the box when opens he disappeared madu shocked then they asked RK to come back. But now he comes from the steps. Seema like they have changed the RK to KRK. This time madu come near RK and hugged tightly for a long time. The asked Bushen talked with him by eyes. Now it’s confirmed that he is KRK not RK he is duplicate of RK.

Then he comes to the dinner its finished almost. Now it confirmed then RK and KRK were interchanged. Here the RK still in unconscious. All are stunning in this also stand up in blindly, also don’t know what to do in next.
After the party. KRK (acting as RK) reached his room. Deepa come there she asks about the Birthday he replays casually. Conversation will go more interestingly, she asked about what we want for birthday he and tells that give her entirely to RK. He get shocked, Bala interacted and send her out . He had discussed with Bushan regarding the via phone. Mathubala comes and asked him check her hook in the blouse. KRK prayed lord hanuman and and not touched she again asked to unhook her fastly since it hart her heavily. But he have not did anything. Then she immediately doubts he is RK or not. Somehow he managed and comes away. So he made some plan to find the correct person.

Then he received call from police regarding RK is get couched and Morning mathu and Krk visited and confirmed that KRS as RK. So now the doubt and confusion is over for both. This will ending in happily

Here is the end for this episode, next scene appears in next day, we know the next session what it will happen to see in next day screen.

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Ullam kollai Poguthada

Nov 27, 14 Ullam kollai Poguthada

Meenu is very much confused and she wants to talk to someone who understand her feelings, therefore she calls samie. and tells the whole story. Priya meets nega seeking a solution for her problems that she worried about meenu as she doesn’t declare anything, priya feels she can’t handle meenu alone. And priya says there is a big cap between meenu and herself since the last seven years. Nega and priya decides to meet samie and ask him to help them, priya leaves after having tea with nega. Drunken samie comes to meenu’s home, she fears about samie’s coming, she makes egg burji to samie, and he says that he loves her. While she is talking he sleeps on her shoulder. And she takes him to bed.

Suganya comes to ram’s home to a checkup with priya. Priya goes out for nega’s home therefore servantgopal ask her to take rest at guest room until she arrives. She finds out that samie is there, samie and suganya gets an argument and she slaps him. Ram tells to priya that Jothi did a great job to save his reputation. Priya apologize jothi for her misunderstanding. And ask ram to goes to court tomorrow with him to see the ongoing court case. Ram also allows her.

Next day morning nega excited about jothi’s new wedding saree and asks her to make some megandi on her hand along, but she refuses. Finally she convince her and ask neena( jothi’s daughter ) to bring megandi for her mother’s wedding. Neena denies to attend her wedding, if she still wanted neena to attend she declare that she’ll be wearing only white dress as showing a non-happiness. And she leaves the room. Meenu is getting ready for the wedding with new dress and jewels, samiearrives and starts to flirt her and he says that she’s outdated woman. And he makes her up. She falls in love with him. Suddenly suganya enters into the room and meenu scolds her for enters into the room without knocking the door. And she gets angry on her.

Priya shows nega that there’s a nest in the tree and tells a story about crow and nest. And nega wonders about priya talking philosophy much after returning from coma. Meenu meets a guy who is in love with rathy and he asks meenu to convince rathy. And handover a Diwali gift to meenu. Jothi is hurry to go to court to deliver the statement. Courts begins with the case that ram bribe fifty lakhs to the income officer to avoid service charge tax. Judge asks the eye witness jothi to come to the witness box, the case diverts as that day ram was with her as per jothi’s statement. Lawyer inquires about their affair.

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