Planning your ski holiday

Oct 23, 14 Planning your ski holiday

As with many things in life, a little planning may go a long way to making sure that you get what you want, with as little as possible going wrong along the way. That same process of planning may certainly help your ski holiday go the way you intend, with as few serious spills and upsets as possible.

So, what aspects is your planning likely to take into account?

Choosing your resort

This may be key to making sure that you enjoy the skiing for which you are best prepared, fit and experienced enough to take on and in a country which suits your tastes.

If it is your first ski holiday, this may be something of a daunting choice. You might wish to consider some of the tips and advice on choosing your resort offered by the website Iglu Ski


Whether a first-timer or a seasoned old hand, ski travel insurance – from specialist providers such as BengoTravel – is likely to be considered an essential part of your advance planning.

Given the high risk of bodily injury and the potential need for costly mountain rescue, hospitalisation and possible repatriation, it is surprising that there are still a large number of British travellers apparently going abroad without any insurance or inadequate insurance.

The most recent statistics prepared by the government and published as “Travel insurance facts” found that 24% of British travellers have no insurance at all and 48% are underinsured. Such travellers are clearly at risk – and all the more so if they are travelling on a ski holiday.


At least part of the reason for travellers believing that travel insurance is unnecessary may be their reliance on a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which provides free or discounted, medically necessary health care in state hospitals throughout the EU and European Economic Area (EEA). What the EHIC does not cover, however, is the cost of mountain rescue from the ski slopes, the cost of private medical treatment, some prescriptions, or the cost of repatriation back to the UK.

Preparing to go

With your choice of resort safely made and your ski travel insurance in order, you may be ready to prepare for the off.

If you have arranged your holiday through a travel agent, it might be sensible to have all the tickets, hotel reservations or vouchers, and details of your holiday all together in advance, rather than leaving things until the last minute.

Buying your local currency in advance is also an opportunity for you to shop around for the best exchange rates – rather than relying on the invariably less favourable rates offered at airports or other points of departure.

A further suggestion, from the Ski Club of Great Britain, is to book your ski hire in advance of your arrival at the resort in order to avoid queues and hassle once you are there.

Finally, you might want to boost your confidence about the state of the slopes and the prospects for good skiing weather by visiting the snow forecast updates provided by the Met Office.

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Increasing Speed After a Sprained Ankle

Oct 19, 14 Increasing Speed After a Sprained Ankle

First of all, let’s talk about the feet and ankles, since they are usually ignored and not considered important. Your feet are what come into contact with the ground. They are directly connected to your ankles and calves. If the ankles and calves are weak and stiff, it will directly impact how you walk, run and jump. More specifically, weak, stiff ankles will really slow you down. So, if you have a sprained ankle or an old injury that is holding you back, you have to start healing it properly to make sure it gets back to 100% and does not sacrifice speed and athletic performance.

If you have an ankle sprain right now, you have probably already heard that you are supposed to use R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). What you may not know is that current research debunks this as an effective tool to heal an ankle sprain.
For example, is has been shows that “when ice is applied to a body part for a prolonged period, nearby lymphatic vessels begin to dramatically increase their permeability (lymphatic vessels are ‘dead-end’ tubes which ordinarily help carry excess tissue fluids back into the cardiovascular system). As lymphatic permeability is enhanced, large amounts of fluid begin to pour from the lymphatics ‘in the wrong direction’ (into the injured area), increasing the amount of local swelling and pressure and potentially contributing to greater pain.”The use of Cryotherapy in Sports Injuries,’ Sports Medicine, Vol. 3. pp. 398-414, 1986

As for your recovery from a sprained ankle, you will find that your ankle is significantly slower, weaker and more stiff after the injury. Why? Rest and ice does nothing to actually heal the ligaments and strengthen them. If you play sports, this could have a big impact on your overall performance. Specifically, you may see your speed decrease a fair amount. And, keep in mind, even a small drop in speed can have a big impact on your athletic ability, especially in competition where every little bit counts.

In your ankle, after the sprain, you will find some troubling issues (like scar tissue and neuromuscular damage) in addition to the weakness and stiffness. Combined together, this all spells trouble for the ankle in the short term and over the course of your athletic career.

Many people who do not properly heal and rehab their ankles also find they are forced to wear ankle braces, tape, or wraps. Unfortunately, this immobilizes the ankle joint and makes the ankle even weaker and less efficient. In addition, it has been shown that ankle braces can lead to more serious injuries, like MCL and ACL tears in the knee.

So, what can you do to prevent all this from happening? It’s pretty simple and extremely doable. You need to heal your ankle properly as soon as possible with a good ankle rehab program. The methods in the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System (Healthy blood flow, Eliminate swelling, and Mobility) have been shown to significantly speed up the healing process and improve the quality of it too. And that is extremely important for getting your ankle strong and stable, which will increase your speed, agility and vertical jump. 

How? it’s pretty simple. Remember, how we discussed the fact that your ankles are directly connected to your feet? Well, if your ankles are strong and stable, they can generate more power to help propel you when you move. And of course, all of this can be done without the use of ankle braces, tape or wraps. And the best part? Stronger ankles mean a lower risk of sprains.

As you increase strength, you can start pushing your ankles and calves a little harder with more challenging exercises, which will continue to build them up. This is not a process that takes a long time. And it is something you can easily incorporate into your overall regimen in just a few minutes a workout. The dividends are huge so it is more than worth your time. So, take a few days to heal your sprained ankle with H.E.M. and you will see a big difference in your speed as well as any, many other benefits.

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News Today on Odds and Picks in Sport!

Oct 16, 14 News Today on Odds and Picks in Sport!

NFL Picks: After winning their season opener against an Oakland Raiders team that is among the worst in the NFL the New York Jets have nosedived with five consecutive losses as their quarterbacking woes have exploded into a full blown crisis that cannot be solved this season. Since being blown out in a 41-14 loss at Kansas City the New England Patriots have shut up their critics with two straight wins in impressive fashion as QB Tom Brady has proven to not be washed up.
In the renewal of a rivalry that goes all the way back to 1960 and the founding of the old American Football League, New England will host the Jets at Gillette Stadium on Thursday night with coverage on CBS starting at 8:25 PM ET. New England opened as a nine point favorite with a total of 46.5.
Jets Crash and Burn
The Jets are 1-5 straight up, 0-5-1 against the spread, and 3-3 on totals. The Jets were bombed out in a 31-17 home loss to Denver last week and rank dead last in the NFL for passing. Quarterback Geno Smith has a 69.7 QB rating with a 6-7 TD-INT ratio. The Jets rank sixth in the NFL for total defense which is their one betting asset.
Resurgent Pats
The Patriots are 4-2 SU, 3-3 ATS, and 4-2 over the total after a 37-22 payout at Buffalo last week. New England boasts the NFL’s fifth ranked defense and Brady has improved his QB rating to 95.1 with a 10-2 TD-INT ratio.
Matchup and Pick
The Jets have struggled to maintain good betting value on the road with just seven payouts in their last 17 away games as six out of their last nine road games have gone over the total. New England has covered eight out of their last 10 home games with seven out of their last nine home games going over the total.
The Jets have covered the spread in three out of their last four meetings with the Patriots as eight out of the last nine meetings in this head to head series have gone over the total. The Jets have also covered 13 out of their last 19 games at New England including three out of their most recent four visits to Gillette Stadium with just one out of the last seven meetings at New England between the Jets and Patriots going under the total. We’ll call for the Jets and over the total.

For the latest on sport news, GMS has all you need and more!

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