Do you have diabetes?

Nov 02, 14 Do you have diabetes?

Do you have diabetes? If so, you need to make sure that you look after your feet properly. Without proper care, you could get infections and problems that could lead to amputation or even death! Yes, it sounds scary but it is true. This can happen because with diabetes you lose the sensation in your feet, your blood supply decreases and bacteria thrive on sugar..all a recipe for a foot disaster.

To keep your feet happy and healthy you should do the following:

– visit your podiatrist every 3 months for a foot check and treatment for any problems like callus or bunions
– dry your feet thoroughly after showering, especially in between your toes.
– cut your toenails straight across and don’t dig down the corners
-if you notice any areas of redness, thick skin, black discoloration, or have pain in your feet, call your podiatrist immediately!

Remember, your feet are important and with diabetes it is extra important to take care of them.

Written by Jessica Tennant, senior podiatrist at Step Up Podiatry

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