Electronic Music – What happened to EDM?

Oct 10, 14 Electronic Music – What happened to EDM?

I still remember listening to the electronic dance music of yesteryear. Growing up, EDM definitely wasn’t as big as it is now. It has gone from the underground, to aboveground, to pretty much everywhere you look. If you put on the radio, you hear the latest pop / EDM infused track. If you go to the nightclub, you will hear some variation of a popular song as a house remix. If you go to a festival like EDC or Ultra, you will have an even greater experience. Those festivals are literally mekkas for electronic dance music fans around the world. Die hard fans will travel overseas just to be in participation to a desired show.

All of the exposure, fame, and money being made by EDM is not with out a cost. It came at the cost of years and years of hard work. So often, DJs are underrated, looked over, and passed off as if the sleepless nights and constant work they had put in to produce their hits, were really no work at all. The greatest misconception in the whole electronic dance music scene is that these DJs do not work hard, they put every bit of energy they have into their work and their music. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, & Zedd really had an amazing year in 2014. What about all the other DJs? What about the DJs that were never recognized. It’s not that they were not good producers, but for one reason or an other, their music never caught on. All of their hard work would have been for nothing. It’s a terrible thing really, to put your heart and your soul into something you do, only to fail. That’s why I’m a strong supporter of legally purchasing music opposed to the use of pirated free downloads.

EDM has changed a lot since the characteristics which form the genre first hit the scene. We can only assume it will continue to grow. Calvin Harris is likely looking at an other successful year in 2015. Hopefully his album sales for Motion do outstanding. With the release of every new song, the hype builds for fans in attendance at the electronic dance music festivals. Soon, the majority of the new music will be considered electronic dance music. As we continue to play EDM on a regular basis, we will continue to monitor the growing success rate. As the fan base for electronic dance music grows, so does the number of individuals who pursue a life as a producer. Not is it just the shear number of fans which is increasing the amount individuals who attempt to create EDM, but also the new technology in the music world. New software is uploaded on a daily basis, different plugins and standalone software. An electronic dance music artist nowadays will need to really put some thought into their music before they simply release music. These artists can’t afford to lose. They don’t just make music, but they are making their way in the world.

That’s why you can always find all of your EDM exclusive news information on our Electronic Dance Music blog.

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