Free Ways For Making Free Calls Over Internet

Nov 06, 14 Free Ways For Making Free Calls Over Internet

There are many ways of making free calls over the internet. Now, people from all over the world do not need to worry about bills and payments to local telecommunication companies. Many social networking sites or applications provide free ways for making free calls and free texting over the internet. There are many service providers, which allow users for making free calls.


We can use Skype simply for a phone call. A user of both the devices just needs an active internet connection. You can also make free calls online. Any significant data can also be sent. You can also connect PC to phone using this application. Video conferencing is conceivable with the help of it.


Globfone is really interesting website. It is a video chat, SMS texting, file sharing and free international phone calls in one place. This service can be called an online phone because free instant online calling is possible. Video phone calls allow users to contact in a practical way without any registration or software installation.


This social networking application is very popular now days, and it can be used to send messages. One can also enjoy VoIP free calls. Free internet phone calls allow users to connect anywhere.


This is also an exquisite way of making free calls. This application takes data of all of your contacts, and one can make free phone calls online. Voice quality is splendid. You can enjoy free call to your friends or family.

Google Voice

This application allows one to contact their mail contacts by providing google account. There is no need of signing up a new account and free internet phone calls can be easily enjoyed. It provides better sound quality than other services.

Facebook Messenger

It is a superb application for sharing files and also allows you to communicate easily using messages. This application can also work on slow internet connection. Any labels and other features like smileys and emotion stickers are available to use in chat.


You can make a phone call using Fring. Like other service providers, Fring also allows video phone calls. Free online calls are very helpful in contacting any person. Free online calling is one of its best features.


Oovoo offers free messaging and video calls from mobile up to 12 group members. It does not have any hidden charges. It is as simple as you do while dialing from your personal phone!

This application allows you to talk from your computer. It is very efficient ways of talking to people. Features like free online calls is one of the main reasons for its attraction.


Video phone calls are possible with the help of this application. Video conferences can be held using it. You can use it on desktop computer as well as on smartphones.

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