Going on a Road Trip With an Infant

Nov 05, 12 Going on a Road Trip With an Infant

While it may not be an ideal situation, many families every year find themselves gearing up for a long car ride with their infant. Taking a vacation with your little one may cause you to feel a little anxious about how the trip is going to progress, but there are things that you can do to make it easier on yourself. It is important to realize that your baby will get fussy at some point; however, keeping them from a major meltdown is possible if you read and follow the advice found in this article.

Pick up a few CDs that are geared to young children. While this might not be the most stimulating musical choice for you and your spouse, the tunes will be comforting for your young child. Remember that you will have a chance to listen to anything that you want while your child is napping (which, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time, they will do sooner or later). During the time that they are awake, sacrifice your own interests for an hour or two and it will pay off for you in the long run.

Keep several toys (of different shapes and sizes) within arm’s reach. It does you no good to pack them if you can’t access them, and your infant is naturally going to need to see a variety of brightly colored objects to help keep them from getting too bored on the trip. Try to switch out the toy every thirty to forty-five minutes; just like anyone else, an infant will get tired of staring at the same thing for too long. If you know well in advance that you will be leaving on this trip, go ahead and put a couple of toys out of your baby’s sight so that they will seem new and interesting to them when the times comes to take them out again.

While older children often enjoy snacking in the car, remember that this is not a safe option for babies. Not only can he or she choke, but because they are rear-facing, you don’t have quick access to them. If the unthinkable happens, you could lose precious moments attempting to get to him or her and dislodge the item that is causing them trouble. The safest thing to do is to feed the baby only when you are out of the car.

If you don’t already have one, purchase an inexpensive mirror that allows you to see what your baby is doing throughout the trip. Not only will it set your mind at ease, but older babies can see themselves in the mirror and it will keep them entertained. You may also be able to recognize certain signs that your child is starting to lose it a bit and can pull over and take a little break before things spiral out of control.

Although it isn’t easy to go on a road trip with a baby, it can be done. Use the advice contained in this article and do your best to enjoy the time you are spending with your family.

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