Going Solar and Going Small

Mar 02, 12 Going Solar and Going Small

Everyone knows how monstrously expensive it can be to install enough solar power to power your home, even though costs are very low after that. But did you know that you can buy more affordable panels that can power smaller things for you, therefore cutting down your energy costs? Here are a few ways you can use solar energy without powering your entire house.

Use outdoor solar lamps. This can be a great thing to do, especially when you have an outdoor party. Let the lamps charge during the day, and then at night they will work wonderfully. This is also great because you won’t have any cords to trip over or batteries to replace. This is a smart, easy use of solar energy. You can also do this with areas in your home where the lighting could be better. Instead of paying an electrician for new wiring and paying for electric powered lighting, why not just use small lamps that are solar-powered in your home. Because of the money you will save, you can also use more lighting.

Find small devices that you can easily power with solar power in your home. Small appliances like coffeemakers, alarm clocks, and radios can be powered by small solar panels. These panels can cost as little as $40, depending on how much energy you need. Check out your wattage requirements and you will be pleased that you can save money using these devices after all!

When you go camping, small solar panels can be a lifesaver. Don’t want to use up the flashlight batteries? Bring lanterns and power them up with the solar panels. You can even bring a crockpot along for cooking food for a period of time. There is no end to the items you can bring along camping now, thanks to the capabilities that solar panels can provide for you.

Think about using a solar car. This is a bit more expensive than other things, but as with the more expensive solar panels for your entire home, a solar car makes up for it as time goes on. It may cost more at first to buy this kind of car, but when you think of the gasoline costs you won’t be paying, especially as gasoline prices rise in this country, you have to start thinking about whether it is smart to go with fossil fuels or whether it makes more sense to go with a solar car. Look at the costs and you will be gobsmacked at the difference in costs over the years.

You don’t have to power your entire home with expensive panels in order to use solar energy. There are all kinds of things you can use solar energy for, now that smaller panels are available and on the market. You can power more than that solar calculator–you can really make use of solar power every day so that you can make the most of it and save yourself some money while you’re at it.

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