Military Discounts

Dec 05, 14 Military Discounts

Lots of companies are offering military discounts these days, and popular home improvement centers like Home Depot and Lowe’s are no exception. In fact, they’ve got one of the most liberal policies regarding their procedure for granting the discount to Active service members, Reserves, and Retirees. Companies are choosing to offer this service to the U.S. Military due to an increase in nationwide support for the men and women who risk their lives to protect our nation’s interests. Whether the servicemembers have actually fought to protect the nation’s lifestyle is debatable, but most Americans agree with pursuing those around the world who mean to affect the American quality of life.

Although military salary is typically adequate for a middle-class lifestyle, the job goes beyond that of an ordinary citizen who holds a regular job. Most American soldiers have iPhones and other high-end technology, and they have houses and eat food every day. So, they certainly aren’t in the poverty level. However, the men and women in uniform do risk their lives, and despite the always-ongoing debate of foreign policy and how we interact with other nations, they’re quite obviously not the ones determining these decisions. Many military members only enlisted for the stable job. For companies offering military discounts, it’s just a little way for them to say “thanks”. There’s certainly no members of the US Armed Forces who decided to enlist (possibly going to Iraq or Afghanistan) for the sake of a Home Depot military discount! Truthfully, the amount of money you’ve going to save by taking advantage of these programs is minimal at best. Some companies have better policies than others, but overall they’re just a tiny way to save a few bucks here and there.

Now, most companies don’t sponsor any form of discounted goods for American service members. And of course, American service members are grateful for anything they can get. It’s important to realize that they aren’t superior citizens; there was a day when serving in the military was considered a humble profession. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of folks who wear the uniform who take all the support and appreciation, and they let it get to their head. It’s sad in many ways, but it’s certainly better than circumstances where they were being spit on upon returning from the conflict in Vietnam.

Along with Home Depot, Lowe’s actually sponsors a military discount program too. Both discounts are fairly common and popular; in fact, they’re so popular that most cash registers at these locations actually have a SKU they scan after verifying identification from the customer. The SKU then deducts a standard 10% (up to a certain limit). In most stores, you can get the military discount just by being a Reserve or, in many cases, a Dependent (meaning a spouse or child of the military member). This isn’t exactly the store policy, but each store handles the matter on a case-by-case basis. Areas with a higher density of personnel won’t honor the discount as easily because they’ll be losing money if they give it too often. In areas with lower density of personnel, discounts are (usually) easily applied because they don’t have to do it very often. No matter the case, if you’re an Active Duty members you can redeem a military discount at Home Depot and Lowe’s. America supports these companies for supporting those who protect our quality of life when the time comes.

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