Paper and Ink. Yes you still need them.

Sep 20, 14 Paper and Ink. Yes you still need them.

Your photocopier still sits in your office. You still print off some emails on your laser printer. You print off bank statements at home and colouring in sheets for your kids from the desk jet on your desk. We were told many times we were entering a paperless society. Well that hasn’t happened yet and won’t for a while. We still need our paper and ink and the printers that join these two resources together.
So, printing services as a general need are very much part of our everyday lives. Which means your nearest print store is still in business and still there to offer a wide variety of printing services that are ever expanding. Remember that store you went to, to print off those 24 photos you took while on holiday in 1996. They are still there and they still print photos. And given that your photos are now on a memory stick or SD card, so much more can be done with these photos. They can be printed as postcards, the photos incorporated into holiday photo albums, made into calendars or even used as part of a holiday greetings card.
But perhaps, you are already using your print store for your personal needs. Have you thought of using them for your small business needs? Business printing services are also part of what these stores can do. Maybe you have a new product and want to send out flyers or you are a local restaurateur and you want to let your neighbourhood about your latest special offers you are offering on a Monday night. Maybe even your menus need a reprint. All these services are being offered at that store you went to in 1996.
Maybe you are in the marketing department of a multi-national company. If you are in the Los Angeles area, Guru Printers can offer you large scale printing services for any marketing related needs. Those outdoor billboard needs or building wrap-arounds that show-off your latest product or service can all be printed in weather-proof material. Even your product catalogues can be designed and printed.
Guru Printers and others are not just about photo printing and photocopying. Their printing services are diverse and cover all your needs from once a year through to large scale business needs. They also don’t just hit print. They have the creative skills and knowledge to take your vague ideas of colour and layout and walk you through the design process so that you have a brochure, poster or greeting card that will turn heads and ensure memory retention.
Print and Ink are still used day in and day out are still very much in despite other digital overload. Your local print store is now your one-stop shop for all your printing needs whether you just have a once-off hobby project or are needing catalogues sent all over the country. With their expertise, state of the art printers, you have no excuse to head down to the nearest store and establish a relationship, understand their services and take their contact details home or to your boss to be pulled out the next time you need printing services.

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