Solutions to Designing WordPress Sites

Jan 12, 15 Solutions to Designing WordPress Sites

There are many great sites around just now that feature strong and bold design created using a myriad of different methods. While searching the internet for a WordPress only example site, which focused solely on completed sites rather than Themes, we became frustrated by the lack of great examples.

Designers who are either fresh to web design, or fresh to WordPress builds, are often the ones who are searching for inspiration from amazing looking sites that could be conceived as achievable. We wanted to start cataloguing these great looking websites together on one site and have the Themes that were utilized searchable to see how others managed to make the most out of the layouts which came with the Theme.

In other situations, and for those who are slightly more advanced, there are a number of custom built Themes shown in the examples that we currently have. It is these that often show the WordPress CMS to its maximum potential.

With the two user groups in mind, the intention is to develop an online community with reference guides, resources and ‘How To’ style content that will be generated mostly by our users themselves.  In addition a WordPress forum will be added for junior users to post relevant questions on either issues, or the capabilities of a particular Theme.

When many designers start off with a new client, one of the first things that they do is ask the client for a list of websites which they like. Then discuss the sites with their clients to determine which aspects of the sites they find most appealing and why. This process can vastly reduce the number of revisions, which need to be made to a fresh, homepage design for a new customer. Being able to send a client to one website which showcases a vast number of different design styles and influences, can only make the job of both client and designer easier as a one stop resource.

One of the easiest things to do is over complicate the design of anything. Finding yourself in the never ending loop of convincing yourself that just one more addition is going to bring everything together to ‘complete’ the look and feel of the site. The stark realization is when you finally figure out that when you are looking to achieve is already drowned by conflicting ideas, and what really needs to happen is reducing the number of inclusions within the site. This is sometimes so obvious to those looking from the outside, in. We would love to help designers from all stages of their career with a review and feedback section to allow designers to post their initial designs and garner feedback with useful criticism included.

WordPress is something to celebrate. It has a very, very low access point for people of all skillsets and skill levels. Like most things, it takes some time and huge amounts of effort to learn how to maximize it’s capabilities. wanted to launch a site which would motivate, inspire and help other create an amazing WordPress site.

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