Vectone Mobile Review: Best Service by Baskaran Allirajah

Nov 15, 14 Vectone Mobile Review: Best Service by Baskaran Allirajah

Vectone Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) owned by the Mundio Group based out of London. Mundio Group has been in the telecommunications services field for the last 15 years and is helmed by intrepid entrepreneur Baskaran Allirajah. The success in the industry for Baskaran Allirajah has resulted in the group expanding to include an umbrella of companies, including Vectone Business, Delight Mobile and Chillitalk Mobile App among others. The customer satisfaction that has helped in growing the business is mainly due to the ethical and service-oriented approach adopted and encouraged by Baskaran Allirajah.

Vectone Mobile has been growing in popularity in the ten countries it serves. The strength of company’s offerings is the variety and flexibility of its products. There is effectively a plan to suit every need and every pocket.

Whether you are a student on a tight budget in the UK, wanting to call home to your parents in India or a travelling professional who needs seamless call connectivity and data speeds on the continent, Vectone Mobile is the solution.

Salient Features of Vectone Mobile:

  • Cheap connectivity
  • Broad coverage
  • Flexible plans

Pay As You Go

The Vectone Mobile ‘Pay as you go’ plans with Pocket Savers give you the best value for your money when you want to keep in touch with the world when in the UK. The options range from a blanket pack that keeps you in touch with the world as you travel the UK to specific schemes optimised to your needs to call specific countries.

Monthly Packages

Vectone Mobile also offers true mobile freedom with Unlimited monthly packages as per your need for calls between Vectone numbers and also with calls in the UK and Europe.

Vectone Plus

Vectone Plus includes plans for those who need almost exclusive connectivity in the Vectone Mobile network. These include call between Vectone numbers, incentives for adding your friends and economic international call charges and roaming tariffs. Landline on Mobile is a solution that offers a local landline number that can be picked up on your mobile. Vectone Plus also presents the Vectone App that enables easy communication between varied devices, wherever you are. There are other additions too in Vectone Plus, fun and informative, economical and competitive, lucrative and opportune.

In Conclusion

As a conclusion to this Vectone Mobile Review, it must be acknowledged that Vectone, with its broad range of services is a serious player in the low-cost connectivity market in the UK. It has also to be noted that the company’s products serve not only the low-cost spectrum of users, but also is useful for those who are constantly on the move, especially on the Continent. It is also a relief for the new residents of the UK who want to maintain a dependable channel of communication open to their homelands.


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