Why Modern Paint Strippers Don’t Work

Oct 23, 14 Why Modern Paint Strippers Don’t Work

Repainting your residential or commercial property can definitely make it look brand new. And to make the restoration more effective, it is best to strip the old paint first. This will clear away all the unwanted colors that may turn your repainting ineffective. For even easier paint stripping, you can use available paint strippers in the market today. There are a number to choose from and all are unique in some way. But there are some that are more effective than the others, so it is very important to check on the brand or the active ingredients of the paint stripper. If you are lucky, you can get modern paint strippers that don’t only take away the loose paint but even the most deeply seated ones.

There are also some modern paint strippers that don’t work but usually because of the incompatibility of the ingredients. Here are some examples why modern paint strippers don’t work:

  1. The paint mixture includes adhesive like epoxy. Some paint mixtures are more powerful than others because of the ingredients used on them. A good example on this is epoxy which sometimes goes into paint mixtures. If this is the case, you will need a more powerful and exclusive mixture of paint stripper that is designed to remove such kinds of paint. Then, follow the instruction on the label or package to ensure you get the task done right the first time.
  2. The paint stripper is not as powerful as it is marketed to be. Some paint strippers are overly marketed and fall short in application. This is why it is very important that you check on the package for the active ingredients of the paint stripper that you will buy before actually purchasing it. Doing so will lessen the risk of getting a hyped up product. This will also prevent you from spending more on paint stripper products. This is so because if this is the kind of product you bought, you will eventually buy another one to complete your paint stripping job.
  3. You have not used the right ratio or recommended mix for the paint stripper. Sometimes, the reason is not the product why modern paint strippers don’t work; it is actually you and your inadequacy in following instructions. Products that are new to you always have instructions on the label, which needs to be followed religiously to achieve the correct mixture. Only when this mixture is attained can the product provide its promised potential.
  4. Make sure that you have the right tools and equipment in using paint strippers. The tools and proper equipment in applying modern paint strippers also have their effect in the result of a paint stripping job. Therefore it is very important that you prepare the right ones long before you start your paint stripping job. For even better results, check the label of the paint stripper for the necessary tools and equipment you need to complete the job fast and easy.

It’s always worth making certain that you are using the right paint stripper or stripping technique for the job. If you are uncertain then it is recommended that you consult the experts. Wood-Finishes-Direct.com are paint and varnish stripping experts and they will be able to advise you of the best solution or technique to achieve the finish that you are aiming for.

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