Why video polling is the future – Long Live Supercandidate ?

Nov 02, 14 Why video polling is the future – Long Live Supercandidate ?

There is an election every year and you see those polls splattered all over your TV screens from CNN, Fox, MNBC, ABC etc etc. Then you turn to your newspapers and bam .. more polls.

Do you ever think to yourself, “man these are rigged” because the results of the polls do not seem to fit the question being asked. For example you hear Obamacare needs repealing by 70% of center leaning Democrats as well as 90% of Republicans. Most people with the media spin believe that. The only small bit of info the pollster left out was that this was conducted with 100 people in a majority Republican district….Go figure.

Anyway, the likes of Twitter, Facebook and a whole host of social media giants are now touting social polling. How much of that is actually of any benefit. Well considering a large number of us have one of these accounts, it could be significant to the way polling is going. Sure a random poll does not give you anything qualitative but some would argue that the quantitative result is something to gage with. Others would say that with so many conflicting polls due to the rise of such media, what can you trust? Why? Well with so much “noise” how do you get clear results.

In the traditional past, you turned to respected ( depending on your point of view) firms like Gallup, Pew, Rasmussen, so the choice was but a few. So in theory not so much noise to offer guidance. Well, technology is also allowing this noise to fade in the world where a smartphone is more and more the “sidekick” reference point for the everyday busy person.

How? Well it is down to video technology and its ability to combine with polls. Often when a message is being offered, “a picture paints a thousand words”, so a video paints a thousand pictures ( well 30 frames per second ). A clever company Supercandidate, has devised a way to allow video to micromanage your message, so vote results actually count. The idea is that you allow whoever that is offering the question to point and shoot that message directly into the question. Then when they are referencing the end user as is typical in an election campaign, the voter is getting a direct appeal from that vote question. Clever, right? Some stipulate that video such as Youtube has been around for some time, so what is different. Well with Supercandidate, you are not showing just a video made within seconds conforming to the trends of today’s technocrat, you are also allowing direct release of the voters thoughts, that can be studied in real-time. Why? Well the message is clear in the video and when the voter clicks on the smartphone via Supercandidate, the results go directly to the campaign manager of that election campaign. This can be viewed in real-time graphically, as well as emailed to relevant parties. So in effect video polling gives focused representation, immediate high quality feedback, which then can change the playing field of those trying to get their message across over all the noise – We believe that technologies like this will in fact finally allow clear value in a poll that can be believed by the person setting the poll rather then a generic feedback situation where you do not know what actually influenced the vote ! Infact video poll technology like this can be a game changer for politics !

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Diana Beachers

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Supercandidate is a pioneer of SAAS technologies since 1994. It has offices in both the US and Europe. Supercandidate specializes in testing, survey and polling technologies used in many sectors as divers as Retail to Oil industries. Clients include Fortune 500 and FT100 companies.

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